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What's the Color?

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It's a huge animal. It never forgets.
gray (elephant)
All cars have them. They help vehicles move.
black (tire/wheel)
It makes wine. It grows on vines.
purple (grapes)
You kick it. You try to score a goal.
white / black and white (football)
It's a bird. It stands on one leg.
pink (flamingo)
It's on a beach. It's in the desert.
yellow (sand)
It's a lucky charm. It's the color of Ireland.
green (shamrock)
It's a hot drink. People drink it in the morning.
brown (coffee)
It's a vegetable. It's also an animal.
brown (potato cat)
It's very thin. You write on it.
white (paper)
It grows on a tree. It changes color and falls off some times.
green (leaf)
It's a vegetable. You can make a snowman's nose with it.
orange (carrot)
It's a flower. You give it to your loved one on Valentine's Day.
red (rose)
Whales live in it. It's wet.
blue (water, ocean, sea)
It's a bear. It eats bamboo.
black and white (panda)
It's a fruit. It's not straight.
yellow (banana)
It looks like a small snake. It lives in the garden.
pink (worm)
It's cold. It falls from the sky.
white (snow)