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Move It or Lose It!

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Do homework - Do exercise
Do exercise!
Do a happy dance - Make a sad face
Do a happy dance!
Eat noodles - Drink bubble tea
Drink bubble tea!
Cry - Laugh
Do a pizza dance - Do a chicken dance
Do a pizza dance!
Be surprised - Be sad
Be surprised!
Be angry - Be happy
Be angry!
Go cycling - Go swimming
Go swimming!
Swim like a fish - Hop like a penguin
Hop like a penguin!
Move your feet - Move your hands
Move your hands!
Move your fingers - Move your ears
Move your ears!
Tap your foot - Nod your head
Nod your head!
Have a coffee - Have a shower
Have a shower!
Be a potato - Be a cat
Be a potato cat!
Turn around - Spin around
Turn around!
Eat candy - Blow bubbles
Blow bubbles!
Walk around - Look around
Look around!
Eat chicken - Eat beans
Eat chicken!
Ride a zombie - Ride a pig
Ride a pig!
Go bowling - Do yoga
Do yoga!
Be a student - Be a teacher
Be a teacher!
Laugh on the floor - Cry on the floor
Laugh on the floor!
Smile like a sloth - Run like a cheetah
Smile like a sloth!
Drink water - Drink milk
Drink water!
Jump like Mario - Run like Sonic
Run like Sonic!
Touch your feet - Touch your head
Touch your head!
Go to sleep - Do a happy dance
Do a happy dance!
Give a thumbs up - Stick out your tongue
Stick out your tongue!
Do exercise like a kangaroo - Do exercise like a dinosaur
Do exercise like a dinosaur!
Crash a bike - crash a car
Crash a bike!
Go skateboarding - Go surfing
Go surfing!
Ride a dolphin over a rainbow - Ride a cow over the moon
Ride a dolphin over a rainbow!
Slap your face - Slap your chest
Slap your chest!
Spin around - Jump up
Spin around!
Play the drums - Play guitar
Play guitar!
Feel sad - Feel excited
Feel excited!
Blow a kiss - Jump 2 times
Blow a kiss!
Walk like an elephant - Wiggle like Winnie the Pooh
Wiggle like Winnie the Pooh!
Say goodbye - Say I love you
Say I love you!
Dance like a baby - Roar like a lion
Dance like a baby!