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Name three sports that __________ (play) alone/solo.
Golf , skateboarding, surfing, kite flying, long distance running, cycling, horseback riding, sailing, rowing, roller skating
Name three foreign foods that ______ (eat) by you.
Depends on the students' country.
Mention activities that _________ (do) to avoid the spread of Covid19.
Wearing Mask , Washing Hands , Sanitize Hands more often , Drink Vitamins
Mention products that ________ (made) in China that are in your country..
Home Appliances , Medicines , Technologies
Name 3 things that ____________ (make) in leather.
Shoes , Jacket , Belt
Mention three beautiful places that _________ (visit) by tourist.
Boracay , Mountain , Beaches , Temples
Mention three snacks that __________ (like) by you.
Ice cream , Cake , Egg Tart , etc..
Mention three activities that ________ (do) when you were in Hisghschool.
I cheated on a test , I fell in love with a classmate, play games
Name three gadgets that ___________ (use) by you.
Smartphone , Laptop , Headphone, MP3
Name three things that _________ (produce) by your country.
Rice , Sugarcane , Bananas , etc.
Name three courses that __________ (offer) by your University.
Education , Accounting , IEIC , Criminology
Name 3 things that _________ (hate) by you.
Spicy Foods , Insects , Hot Weather , etc.
Name three national dishes that ________ (eat) in your country.
Any answers (depends on the student's country)
Name three languages that ______ (speak) in Europe.
Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, and Swedish
Name three animals that can ___________ (see) in Africa.
Cheetah , Ostrich , Lion , Zebra
Name 3 things that cannot _________ (do) alone by you.
Get a hug , Make a Baby , Sing a Duet , Eat entire pizza ..
Name 3 sports that __________ (play) by teams.
Basketball, Volley ball , Soccer , baseball
Name 3 applications that ____________ (install) in your computer.
Facebook, Viber , Instagram , Google , YouTube
Name 3 things that __________ (invent) by the Scientists 5 years ago..
iPads, smartwatches, fitness trackers, true wireless earphones, electric cars
Name 3 things that ____________ (wear) by you.
t-shirt , pants , watch , eyeglass ..
Name 3 things that _____________ (use) by artists.
paintbrush , paint , canvas , eraser