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What do people sing at Christmastime?
People like to sing Christmas carols.
I feel sick, I think I'm going to_____.
The woman is wearing ____ earrings.
A globe shows us the whole _____.
Who plays softball?
Girls play softball.
What do you called a large group of people?
You call it a crowd.
What do you call a man that is getting married?
He is called the groom.
What do you call having courage?
This is called bravery.
What do you call weaving long hair together?
It is called a braid.
What does a baby sleep in?
A baby sleeps in a crib.
What do you eat in the morning?
I eat breakfast in the morning.
What has a trunk, branches and leaves?
A tree has a trunk, branches, and leaves.
How do you get better at a skill?
Practicing helps you get better at a skill.
What do you get on your birthday?
You get presents on your birthday.
What color is money and grass?
Both are green.
What do you use to stop your car?
Brakes stop your car.
What fruit is made into raisins?
Grapes are dried and made into raisins.
What do girls wear to the prom?
Girls wear dresses to the prom.
What do you call the daughter of the king or queen?
You call her a princess.
What is made from potatoes and you can order it from McDonald's?
French fries are made out of potatoes.
Who do you hang out with?
I hang out with my friend(s).
What do you use to make toast?
You use bread to make toast.
What do you mow?
You mow the grass.
What can you jump on in your backyard?
You can jump on a trampoline.
What instrument do you beat with your hands or sticks?
You beat a drum with your hands or drum sticks.
What has claws and lives in or near the ocean?
A crab lives near the ocean.