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Book 1 (2nd half) Vocabulary

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What kind of food do you like? Spell the name of your favourite restaurant.
I like Japanese food. My favourite restaurante is Koji. K-O-J-I.
What kind of music do you like? Spell the name of your favourite singer/band.
I like pop music. My favourite band is Keane. K-E-A-N-E.
What are your parents' names? Spell their names.
My parents' names are Katia and Alex. K-A-T-I-A. A-L-E-X.
Is anybody wearing black shoes here? Spell his/her name.
Yes, there is somebody wearing black shoes here. His/her name is...
What is your address? Spell the name of your street.
My address is 22, Luis Suplicy Street. L-U-I-S S-U-P-L-I-C-Y
What do you call your pet? Spell its name.
I call my dog Tarik. T-A-R-I-K
What is your favourite fruit? Spell it.
My favourite fruit is grape. G-R-A-P-E.
What do you like eating in the evening? Spell it.
I like eating pizza in the evening. P-I-Z-Z-A
What do you like drinking in the morning? Spell it.
I like drinking coffee in the morning. C-O-F-F-E-E
Do you have a brother or a sister? Spell his/her name.
Yes, I have a brother. His name is Eduardo. E-D-U-A-R-D-O