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'I'm very tired.' Mary said
Mary said she was very tired.
'I can't find my bag.' She said
She said that she couldn't find her bag.
'We've seen three films today.' Sarah said
Sarah said that they had seen three films that day.
'Don't move!' He ordered me
He ordered me not to move.
'Don't play near the road.' Mum told us
Mum told us not to play near the road.
'I want to change my job.' Mark said
Mark said that he wanted to change his job.
'I'm writing an essay.' Amy explained
Amy explained that she was writing an essay.
'Listen to me.' Hannah asked John
Hannah asked John to listen to her.
'Cut the paper into two pieces.' The teacher told us
The teacher told us to cut the paper into two pieces.
'I need some money.' Jerry said
Jerry said that he needed some money.
'John left the country.' She said
She said that John had left the country.
'I'll send you an e-mail.' He said
He said he would send me an e-mail.
'I can't go out with you tonight.' Kate said to Mark
Kate said to Mark that she couldn't go out with him that night.
'I bought this book last week.' Amy said
Amy said she had bought that book the previous week.
'I can't help you.' Adam said
Adam said he couldn't help me.
'I hope it won't rain.' She said
She said she hoped it wouldn't rain.
'It took us 4 hours to get here.' Mike said
Mike said it had taken them 4 hours to get there.
'I've finished the housework.' Anna said
Anna said (that) she had finished the housework.
'I'm leaving tomorrow.' Ben said to me
Ben said to me that he was leaving the next day.
'Open the window, please.' She asked me
She asked me to open the window.
'Give me your money!' He ordered me
He ordered me to give him my money.
'I'll call you tomorrow.' John said
John said he'd call me the next day.
'I want to find a better job.' He said
He said he wanted to find a better job.
'Sarah and Mike are getting married!' Somebody told me
Somebody told me that Sarah and Mike were getting married.
'The performance started 30 minutes ago.' We were told
We were told that the performance had started 30 minutes before.'