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They/not/have a car
they don't have a car
Mike/not/listen to music
Mike doesn't listen to music
We/not/play games
We don't play games
They/not/learn English
They don't learn English
Mother doesn't work
My father/not fix the car
My father doesn't fix the car
My brother/not/cry
My brother doesn't cry
My mum/not/dry the dishes
My mum doesn't dry the dishes
He/not/wash the dishes
He doesn't wash the dishes
She/not/watch TV in the evening
She doesn't watch TV in the evening
You/not/wash your face
You don't wash your face
Jimmy doesn't swim
My sister/not/cook
My sister doesn't cook
My friends/not/jump
My friends jump
My brother/not/listen to music
My brother doesn't listen to music
Kate and Ben/not/ride a bike
Kate and Ben don't ride a bike
My friend/not/swim
My friend doesn't swim
I/not/eat cheese
I don't eat cheese
I don't cook
She doesn't read
We/not/swim this month
We don't swim this month
They/not/walk in a park
They don't walk in a park
He/not/run fast
He doesn't run fast
We/not/play tennis
We don't play tennis
She/not/go shopping
She doesn't go shopping