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5 emotions starting with S
sadness, sorrow, suspicion, spite, shame,....
5 things people like to collect
magnets, stamps, tickets, concert t-shirts, ,....
5 synonyms for small
tiny, petit, minute, short, wee, ...
5 ways to put out a fire
water, sand, air, blanket, soil, ...
5 places that people avoid
public toilets, highways with tolls, shopping centres at Christmas....
places where you can fall sleep
sofa, bed, hotel, tent, train, ....
5 animals that live in cold regions
polar bear, killer whale, penguin, walrus, wolf
5 flowers
roses, daisies, poppies, lilies, petunias, ....
5 red foods
tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, paprika, chilli peppers, ....
5 sour foods
lemon, lime, vinegar, pickles, green apples
5 ways to get rich fast
rob a bank, marry royalty, gamble, sell an organ, ....
5 things you could have done if you hadn't come to the class
5 things you use in the bathroom
the sink, the shower, the mirror, the toiler, a towel
5 things that bring luck
rainbows, shooting stars, money spiders, 4-leaf clover, touching wood, ....
5 synonyms of sad
miserable, gloomy, upset, depressed, unhappy....
5 things made of leather
shoes, handbags, sofas, jackets, saddle
5 genres of programmes you can watch on TV
the news, soap operas, chat shows, documentaries, cartoons
5 musicians who are dead
Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson....
5 things in a classroom
whiteboard, books, pens, chairs, desks
5 things that are read
newspaper, book, magazine, subtitles, texts
5 excuses for missing the class
traffic, illness, work, family problem, laziness
5 synonyms of good
great, fine, nice, pleasant, satisfactory...
5 means of communication
letter, texting, phoning, talking, signs
5 kitchen gadgets
whisk, blender, kettle, toaster, microwave
5 things made of wood
a rowing boat, a cricket bat, a kitchen table, a pencil, an ice lolly stick
5 things which have to be plugged in
a pc, a phone charger, a hairdryer, a microwave
5 types of music
jazz, hip hop, rap, rock, classical....
5 things that are listened to
the radio, the birds, people gossiping, a podcast...
5 things that are watched
tv, films, the sunset, people passing by....