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Summer Food

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What is the largest fruit crop on earth?
How long does it take for a lobster to grow to 1 pound?
 4 to 7 years
 1 to 4 years
 7 to 10 years
 10 to 13 years
How long can a squash blossom be refrigerated before it must be eaten?
 1 day
 10 hours
 3 days
 1 week
Which of the following lists barbecue items in the order of popularity?
 burgers, steaks, hot dogs, chicken
 burgere, hot dogs, steak, chicken
 chicken, burgers, steaks, hot dogs
 burgers, chicken, hot dogs, steaks
About how many seeds are found in a single strawberry?
Which president declared July National Ice Cream month?
 Ronald Reagan
 John F. Kennedy
 Richard Nixon
 George W. Bush
In what year was Popsicle created?
When a lobster is called a pistol, it means...
 it's lost its claws
 it's larger than average
 it's a female
 it's a male
Which state produces the most tomatoes each year?
 New Jersey
What unofficial holiday is celebrated on June 10th?
 Natoional Iced Tea Day
 National Ice Cream Day
 American Pie day
 National S'mores Day
What city in the US made snow cones popular?
 New Orleans, LA
 Louisville, KY
 Los Angeles, CA
 Chicago, IL
What does "a la mode" mean?
 served with ice cream
 Served frozen
 made with chocolate
 made with real sugar
How many hotdogs are eaten each year in the US?
 20 billion
 60 million
 650 million
 1 billion
Which country first drank lemonade?
 United States
Which holiday inspires the most barbecues in the US?
 Fourth of July
 Memorial Day
 Father's Day
 Labor Day
On average, how many licks does it take to eat a singe serve ice cream cone?
How many legs does the average shrimp have?
What is the best-selling frozen treat in the US?
 Klondike Bar
 Choco Taco
 Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar
The US is the leading producer of all of the following EXCEPT:
What percentage of Americans own an outdoor grill?
In 2008, a Georgia lawmaker tried to pass a law to force all restaurants to serve what drink?
 Sweet tea
 Pink lemonade
 Apple juice
 Root beer
Which country is the leading producer of watermelons?
 United States