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Winter is the best season for outdoor fun and activities!
Their larvae live underground during winter and spring, then they emerge on evenings during early summer.
 lightning bugs
 lady bugs
Which describes humid weather?
 damp and moist
 dry and balmy
 hot and arid
 windy and cold
Swimming and other water activities are popular during the summer months.
By late summer, the queen of the ________ has laid enough eggs to produce thousands more in the colony.
 lady bugs
Marc Antony named the month of _____________, in honor of Julius Caesar.
In summer, over 650 million long distance____________ are made in the United States.
 food fights
The season with the hottest temperatures is ___________.
Florida is on the East Coast of the United States. What ocean faces the East Coast of the U.S?
 Atlantic Ocean
 Indian Ocean
 Pacific Ocean
 Arctic Ocean
A popular flower that grows during the long summer days is ___________________.
 pine cones
The name of a famous beach in Southern California is ___________________.
 South Africa
 Asbury Park
What is the date in the Northern Hemisphere with the longest amount of daylight hours??
 June 20
 July 4
 December 21
 November 22
Which state in the U.S. is a popular summer vacation spot, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean?
 New York
The California coast faces what ocean??
 Pacific Ocean
 Indian Ocean
 Arctic Ocean
 Atlantic Ocean
What is the name of the day of the year with the most daylight hours?
 Summer Solstice
 Summer Equinox
 International Dateline
 Daylight Savings Time