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Book 1 (2nd half) Say 3 things

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Say 3 countable nouns
apple, book, pen
Say 3 uncountable nouns
milk, water, money
Say 3 family members
mother, father, sister
Say 3 possessive pronouns
mine, hers, yours
Say 3 adjectives
large, small, nice
Say 3 verbs in the gerund
eating, drinking, listening
Say 3 verbs in the infinitive
to work, to play, to go
Say 3 prepositions
in, on, at
Say 3 question words
what, who, where
Say 3 languages
English, Portuguese, Spanish
Say 3 things you don't like
beets, very hot weather, funk music
Say 3 things you like
music, chocolate, books
Say 3 things you are bad at
dancing, cooking, cleaning
Say 3 things you can do
ride a bike, drive a car, swim
Say 3 vegetables
potato, pea, carrot
Say 3 fruits
banana, pear, apple
Say 3 things you do in the morning
eat breakfast, take a shower, go to work
Say 3 things that smell nice
coffee, bread, wine
Say 3 drinks
coffee, tea, wine
Say 3 foods
hamburger, hot dog, spaghetti