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Practical jokes

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been / in / poor / taste / claimed / joke / the / had / wife / his
His wife claimed the joke had been in poor taste
the / butt / they / jokes / office / was / say / in / allways / of / the / the / rowan
They say rowan was allways the butt of the jokes in the office
said / she / Mark / had / taken / too / joke / personally / the
She said Mark had taken the joke too personally
Do you consider yourself a good sport? why?
Have you ever witnessed a joke that crossed the line? what happened?
I don't want to accept it, but I think your joke was ______________
kind of funny
If you did that to me, I would be very __________
Throwing a glass of water to your grandma is ________________
in bad / poor taste
I can't see what is funny about puting salt in your brother's coffee. I just ___________
don't get it
My best frend is always a _____________. That's what I like about her
good sport
My mother gronunded me for 2 months, I think I've just _____________
crossed the line
I don't like to be _______________. It makes me angry
the butt of a joke
I didn't like that joke. But my brother thought it was __________
My brother always makes _________. He's the only one who laughs abut them
silly jokes