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I start out black, glow red when you use me, and I am grey when you throw me away. What am I?
I start with the letter E, end with the letter E, and I have a letter inside me. What am I?
an envelope
The more you take from me the bigger I get. What am I?
a hole
I get smaller every time I take a bath. What am I?
I get shorter as I get older. What am I?
a candle
I become wet while drying. What am I?
a towel
I have many rings but they are not worth much. What am I?
a tree
I have lots of holes but I can hold water. What am I?
a sponge
I go up but I never come down. What am I?
an age
I have 2 hands but no arms. I have a face but no eyes. What am I?
a clock
I have wings. I can carry many people. I am flown by a pilot. What am I?
an airplane
I have 4 legs. I can’t walk. You can sit on me. What am I?
a chair
I am a fruit. I am yellow and I taste sour. What am I?
a lemon
I come in a box. I have many pieces. Put me together to make a picture. What am I?
a puzzle
I am tall. I have many rocks on me. People climb me sometimes. What am I?
a mountain
I am cold. I am delicious and sweet. I come in a bowl or cone. What am I?
ice cream
I am beautiful. I am colorful. I appear after rainfall. What am I?
a rainbow
I have wheels. I run on tracks. You need a ticket to ride me. What am I?
a train
I am hot. I am bright. I disappear at night. What am I?
the sun
I wear a special suit. I fly in a rocket. I sometimes do a spacewalk. What am I?
an astronaut
I drive a big red truck. I sometimes climb ladders. I put out fires. What am I?
a firefighter
I grow crops. I also keep animals. I sometimes drive a tractor. What am I?
a farmer
I work in a restaurant. I take your food order. I bring food to your table. What am I?
a waiter/waitress/server
I visit many countries. I work in a cockpit. I control an airplane. What am I?
a pilot
I work in a classroom. I help people learn. I have many students. What am I?
a teacher
I wear a uniform. I catch criminals. You can call me in an emergency. What am I?
a police officer
I drive a car. I pick people up. I take people where they want to go. What am I?
a taxi driver
I work in a hospital. I help sick people. I am not a doctor. What am I?
a nurse
I work in a restaurant. I cook food. I am in charge of the kitchen. What am I?
a chef
I live in the ocean. I can live for a long time. I am a very large mammal. What am I?
a whale
I am a big cat. I have big sharp teeth. I have orange fur and black stripes. What am I?
a tiger
I eat leaves, grass, and plants. I have thick skin. I have a large horn on my face. What am I?
a rhino
I have 2 arms, 2 legs, and a tail. I like to eat bananas. I can swing from trees. What am I?
a monkey
I have brown and orange spots. I have 4 long legs. I am very tall. What am I?
a giraffe
I am a bird. I make a ‘hoot’ sound. I am usually awake at night. What am I?
an owl
I have thick grey skin. I have big ears and a long trunk. I can spray water with my trunk. What am I?
an elephant
I have a large tail and big feet. I can hop along very fast. I live in Australia. What am I?
a kangaroo
I am a bird. I can swim but I can’t fly. I am black and white. What am I?
a penguin
I have 4 legs and a tail. I have whiskers. People like to keep me as a pet. What am I?
a cat