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Stative verbs

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Jake _____ (want) to be a journalist when he grows up.
I told you the truth. _____ you ______ (believe) me now?
Do you believe
Why _____ you _____ (smell) the cake?
are you smelling
This laptop isn't mine, it _____ (belong) to my sister.
How much ______ your cat ______ (weigh)?
does your cat weigh
Dad _____ (taste) the soup to see if it ______ (need) more salt.
is tasting / needs
Jake _____ (have) a runny nose. Mum ______ (feel) his forehead.
has / is feeling
Look, the girls ______ (smile) at us. _____ we _____ (know) them?
are smiling / do we know
These tomatoes _____ (look) ripe and juicy. I'll take two kilos, please.
I _____ (not know) the answer. Can you help me?
don't know
Your new perfume _____ (smell) nice.
I ______ (think) they _____ (have) coffee in the garden.
think / are having
The cake _____ (taste) delicious.
_____ you _____ (see) the dentist tomorrow?
Are you seeing
The mechanic _____ (look) at my car now.
is looking
Your grandmother _____ (look) tired. Maybe she ______ (need) help.
looks / needs
They _____ (think) of moving to Canada. _____ you ______ (think) it's a good idea?
are thinking / do you think
Meghan ___ (have) two sister and one brother.
I _____ (think) your new car is fantastic.
My brother _____ (be) very honest. He always _____ (tell) the truth.
is / tells
He ______ (be) usually quiet but today he ______ (be) talkative.
is / is being