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Simple Present or Past Simple

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On Sundays: a) I liked to walking on the beach b) I like walking on the beach
In 2006: a) you were in high school b) you are in high school
What was your nickname when you were at school?
My nickname was ... when I was at school.
Who is your best friend?
My best friend is my sister.
Who did you talk to three hours ago?
I talked to my boss three hours ago.
What do you often eat for breakfast?
I often eat bread for breakfast.
What did you do last night?
I listened to music last night.
What do you do every day?
I take a show every day.
On a foggy day you: a) don't drive fast b) didn't drive fast
When it is rainy you: a) watch films on TV b) watched films on TV
Do you often cook dinner? a) Yes, I cooked dinner every night. b) Yes, I cook dinner every night.
Did you talk to Sarah yesterday? a) Yes, I called her. b) Yes, I call her.
Can we visit Jack? a) No, he travels last night. b) No, he travelled last night.
Can we watch the show? a) No, it finishes 20 minutes ago. b) No, it finished 20 minutes ago.
When you visit a friend, he asks: a) Did you want a drink? b) Do you want a drink?
On Monday morning, we ask: a) How was your weekend? b) How is your weekend?