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What are they doing?
They are...
Hashbrowns are cooked in a...
What kind of potatoes go with breakfast?
 french fries
 baked potato
What is this?
It is...
What are they playing?
They are playing...
What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
My favorite potatoes are...
Do you like potato chips?
Yes, I like potato chips. OR No, I don't like potato chips.
How does sand feel if you bite into it?
What should we do with our trash?
We should...
What's sweet potato casserole made of? (2 things, use the picture)
It is made of...
What is the cat doing?
The cat is...
Do you like potatoes?
What language is he using?
He is using...
What happened?
What's coming off of the fries?
What do you like on your potatoes?
I like...
What's happening?
It is...
These are...
 baked potato slippers
 mashed potatoes
 french fry slippers
Describe this potato.
It is...
What does it mean to be a couch potato?
This potato is...
What's happening?
The cat is...
What's weird about these potatoes?
They are...
What would you call that?
A cat potato
What's happening?
The potato is...
What's happening?
She is...
What happened?
Mr. Potato Head...
Where do potatoes grow?
Potatoes grow...