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Winter activities

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What are they playing?
Hide and seek
Where do Finns go cross-country skiing?
In many different places: you can find skii tracks in the forest, on the ice...
What do Finnish school kids love to do in wintertime?
Go ice skating with their friends!
What song is playing in the background?
Rainbow hymn
What fun activity is going on here?
Downhill sledding with friends.
What animal is in this snow sculpture?
A panda bear called Lumi (snow in Finnish)
What is this popular Finnish hobby called?
Ice fishing
What are we doing?
Cooking on open fire/barbecuing
What is this called?
A kick sled, have you tried it?
How many people fit into one sled?
Three, at least. Go ahead and try!
What can you get from this hole in the ice?
Fish (and cold water)
What are these made of?
What are these called?
Does this look like fun?
Yes, for sure!
What is this?
Skiing track