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Зупинись! Не йди!
Stop! Don't go!
Не стрибай! Я сплю!
Don't jump! I am sleeping.
Давай потанцюємо! - Вибач, я не вмію.
Let's dance! - Sorry, I can't.
What's Lana doing?
She's swimming.
What's Yeva doing?
She's reading.
What is Gleb doing?
He is cooking.
What's Sonia doing?
She's drawing.
What is Illia doing?
He is playing computer games.
What's Mariana doing?
She's standing.
What is Vova doing?
He is watching a video.
What's Lera doing?
She's reading.
Can Nazar play the bandjo?
Yes, he can.
What's Nazar doing?
He's playing the bandjo.