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Natural science Trivia

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What will two particles of opposing charges do – repel or attract?
Space travelers from the United States are called astronauts. From Russia, they’re called cosmonauts. Where are taikonauts from?
True or false: A penny is made mostly of zinc
True or false: the graduated cylinder is a tool that’s used to measure fluid volume.
True or false: your hair and your nails are made from the same material.
What is a geiger counter used to measure?
Discovered by Alexander Fleming, this is now used to treat infections and is considered one of the most important discoveries in the field of medical science. What is it?
Dolly was the first ever living creature to be cloned. What type of animal was she?
A sheep
The oldest living tree is 4,843 years old and can be found where?
True or false: male seahorses give birth to their young, not the females.
How many elements are there in the periodic table?
This planet spins the fastest, completing one whole rotation in just 10 hours. Which planet is it?
True or false: sound travels faster in air than in water.
Diabetes develops as the result of a problem with which specific organ in the body?
The pancreas
Animals that eat both plants and meat are called what?
Who was the scientist to propose the three laws of motion?
Isaac Newton
What tissues connect the muscles to the bones?
What’s the boiling point of water?
100 degrees Celcius
What part of a plant conducts photosynthesis?
The leaf
What do bees collect and use to create honey?
Pollen or nectar
What is the rarest blood type?
AB negative
What is the hottest planet in the solar system?
The earth has three layers of varying temperatures. What are its three layers?
The crust, mantle, and core
How many teeth does an adult human have?
What did Albert Einstein win the Nobel Prize for in 1921?
 The photoelectric effect
 Zero-point energy
 Wave-particle duality
What is a hummingbird's heart rate?
 1,260 beats per minute
 600 beats per minute
 240 beats per minute
 170 beats per minute
What layer of the Earth's atmosphere makes radio communications possible?
 The ionosphere
 The stratosphere
 The exosphere
 The thermosphere
Who invented the first battery?
 Alessandro Volta
 Nikola Tesla
 Luigi Galvani
 Benjamin Franklin
Where are the three smallest bones in the human body?
 The middle ear
 The nose
 The toes
 The eyes
Which of the following has the largest brain?
 A neanderthal
 A human
 A gorilla
 A rhinoceros
What instrument is used to measure wind speed?
 An anemometer
 A fanometer
 An altimeter
 A barometer
How many brains did a Stegosaurus have?
Which of the following means "rain" when added to a cloud's name?
Where are your taste buds located?
 All of these
 Your tongue
 Your cheek
 Your esophagus
Hurricanes only form over _____.
 Warm water
 Cold water
 Warm land
 Cold land
In 2004, what was discovered on the island of Flores in Indonesia?
 The remains of a hobbit-sized human species
 A plant with a mammal-like brain
 A tribe whose members live over 150 years
 A living dinosaur
In what type of matter are atoms most tightly packed?
 All are the same
An earthquake that measures 8 on the Richter Scale would be how many times stronger than an earthquake that measures 4 on the same scale?
 10,000 times stronger
 4 times stronger
 2 times stronger
 1,000 stronger
When was the idea of the atom first introduced?
 450 B.C.
In computer science, what does USB stand for?
Universal Serial Bus
What makes up between 0.5 per cent and three per cent of the dry weight of tobacco?
Alopecia causes what to be lost from the body?
What type of sugar does the brain need for energy?
For which animal is the Latin word lupine used?
The wolf
What is the part of the eye called that's coloured and surrounds the pupil?
The iris
What does a chronometer measure?
Which frozen gas forms dry ice?
Carbon dioxide
Who wrote A Brief History of Time?
Stephen Hawking
What is equal to mass times acceleration?
If you get scurvy, what vitamin are you deficient in?
Vitamin C
Which planet has the most moons?
The average salinity of sea water is ________.
The hardest substance available on earth is _________.
Which of these gases is not known as a green house gas?
 Nitrous oxide
 Carbon dioxide
Which of the following is used in pencils?
What does a dendrochronologist use to establish dates?
 Tree rings
 Carbon isotopes
 Solar eclipses
 Ice cores