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New Year Conversation Starters

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What is one thing you would change this year if you could?
This year I would change...
What's the best thing about winter break?
The best thing about winter break was...
What is one thing you are looking forward to this year?
I'm looking forward to...
Did you see any fireworks at the new year?
Yes, I saw fireworks. OR No, I didn't see fireworks.
Have you made a new year's resolution?
Yes, I made a new year's resolution. OR No, I didn't make a new year's resolution.
Who came over to your house during winter break?
_____ came to my house during winter break.
Did you go to a party over the winter break?
Yes, I went to a party at ____. OR No, I didn't go to a party.
What did you do for new year's eve?
For new year's eve I...
Do you celebrate new year's eve?
Yes, I celebrate new year's eve. OR No, I don't celebrate new year's eve.
Did you leave anything out for Santa?
I left ___ out for Santa. OR No, I didn't leave anything out for Santa.
What did you do on Christmas day?
On Christmas day I...
What did you have for Christmas dinner?
For Christmas dinner I had...
Did you visit any friends or family over the break?
Yes, I visited... OR No, I didn't visit friends or family.
What did you do over winter break?
Over winter break I...
What do you think is the best thing about Christmas?
The best thing about Christmas is...
What did you get for Christmas?
For Christmas I got...