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Intelligent Business 2

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What is another name for the person being considered for a particular job or position. a) jober ; b) employee ; c) candidate ; d) worker
c) candidate
A(n) ____________ is when a company asks you about your qualifications and experience for a certain job. a) interview ; b) talk ; c) question period ; d) conversation
a) interview
A(n) _______________ is where some one works or learns under the supervision of some one with the target skills. This usually takes several years.
Human Resources departments deal with: a) recruitment and hiring ; b) research and development ; c) product innovation ; d) manufacturing and production
a) recruitment and hiring
Choose the word that most closely matches with "job" ... a) works ; b) career ; c) position ; d) resource
c) position
People with the most qualifications and ___________ are often offered jobs.
Job-seekers look for work in the ________ __________.
job market
_____________ look for work in the job market.
The ____________ industry is the group of businesses producing and manufacturing fabric or clothing. a) automation ; b) textile ; c) fabricci ; d) technology
b) textile
Made without the help of machine.
Fashion houses often choose celebrities for their advertising __________.
____________ create the image of a brand and generate a lot of publicity.
Actors / Celebrities
Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton are all examples of ___________ ___________.
Fashion Houses.
The most expensive products in a range.
The company's name on the clothes they have designed.
Designer label
Clothes made in a factory, not specifically fro one person.
A company that designs, makes, and sells fashionable clothes.
fashion house
A product of the image of a brand should ___________ to the target market.
The image of a brand has to appeal to the ... a) company ; b) marketer ; c) identity factor ; d) target market
d) target market
____________ _____________ are used by marketing experts to promote brand image.
advertising campaigns
Marketing experts create brands and _________ brand image. a) promote ; b) prevent ; c) propagate ; d) campaign
a) promote
A logo is a symbol which helps people recognise and to ___________ a company or brand. a) search ; b) identify ; c) stand out ; d) famous
b) identify
A __________ is a company's visual identity.
__________ ____________ is the opinion people have of a brand.
brand image
____________ is the general opinion most people have of a company or product.