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What's happening?
They're having a potato sack race.
Hashbrowns are cooked in a...
What kind of potatoes go with breakfast?
 home fries
What's this?
A potato mascot.
They're not playing cold potato, it's called...
hot potato
Latkes are cooked in a...
What's a latke?
 Like a potato pancake
 More than some
 Less than a lot
What are other sides for Thanksgiving?
Answers vary
Do you like potato chips? What's your favorite flavor?
Answers vary
How does sand feel if you bite into it?
What should we do with our trash?
Put it in a trash can
What's sweet potato casserole made of? (2 things, use the picture)
Sweet potatoes and marshmallows
What's happening?
The can is jumping/landing in mashed potatoes.
Do you like potatoes?
What language is he using?
sign language
What happened?
She spilled the potatoes.
What's coming off of the fries?
What do you like on your potatoes?
Answers vary
What's happening?
It's raining fries.
What's your favorite way to eat potatoes?
Answers vary
What happened?
He slammed a potato in the cake.
These are...
 baked potato slippers
 mashed potatoes
 French fry slippers
What are the eyes on a potato?
 They're like new roots.
 They help the potato see.
Describe this potato.
It's wearing a mask.
What does it mean to be a couch potato?
This potato is...
 peeling itself
This shows how potatoes can...
 conduct electricity
What's happening?
The cat is playing with a potato.
What's weird about those potatoes?
They're made of paper.
What are 3 ways you can eat a potato?
Answers vary
What would you call that?
Potato Cat!
What's happening?
The potato is floating.
This is one way to cook a potato. This is...
boiling water, boiling it
What's happening?
She's cutting a potato.
What happened?
Mr. Potato Head pulled his arms off.
Where do potatoes grow?
In the ground, dirt