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Thanksgiving & Black Friday Trivia

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What is the word for when the president "saves" one special turkey on Thanksgiving?
True or False, Canada also celebrates Thanksgiving
BLACK FRIDAY! Apple Watch: Higher or Lower than $200?
Higher ($260)
BLACK FRIDAY! Beats Headphones: Higher or Lower than $299?
Lower ($175)
BLACK FRIDAY! VIZIO 50" 4K HD Smart Tv: Higher or Lower than $500?
Lower! ($298)
What food is this?
Pumpkin Pie
What food is this?
Mac and Cheese
What food is this?
Mashed Potatoes
What food is this?
What is the name of this fruit sauce?
What food is this?
What food is this?
Sweet Potatoes
What food is this?
What food is this?
What are you grateful/thankful for in your life?
Each person in your team respond
What city is the Thanksgiving day parade in?
New York City
Which American football team always plays on Thanksgiving?
 The Lions
 The Tigers
 The Bears
 The Panthers
What day of the week is Thanksgiving always on?