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Why is trawl fishing bad for the ocean?
The nets scrape the ocean floor and hurt a lot of plants and animals.
Why do people like trawl fishing?
They can bring in a lot of fish at a time.
How much would the silver that the S.S. Gairsoppa was carrying be worth today?
It would be worth $75 million.
What was the S.S. Gairsoppa carrying from India?
It was carrying tea, iron, and silver.
Where did the Andrea Doria and Stockholm crash into each other?
In the North Atlantic Ocean
Why was it difficult to find information about the lost ship from Portugal?
Many maps and books about the ships were lost in a fire.
What is the sand filled with along The Skeleton Coast?
It is filled with diamonds.
What kind of coins was the Bom Jesus carrying?
The coins were spanish.
Where is The Skeleton Coast located?
Africa (Southern)
What was the main reason that most people died when the Titanic sank?
There weren't enough life boats
How long did it take the Carpathia to get to the Titanic?
It took 3 hours.
What was the name of the British ship that came to help the Titanic?
The Carpathia
What kinds of things had people taken away from the Titanic?
Items like clothes, dishes, and shoes. Also, parts of the ship.
How many people died when the Titanic sank?
More than 1500 people (1514)
What was the Titanic's nickname?
"Ship of Dreams"
What did Robert Ballard use to reach the Titanic?
He used a small submarine (robot or swimming eyeball)
In what year did the Titanic sink?
In 1912
How many years did it take explorers to find the Titanic?
It took 73 years.
What animals do Canine Assistants use to help people?
The use dogs
When was the first colour photo taken?
In 1861
When was the first photo ever taken?
In 1826
What will happen if you try to become a photographer to make money?
You won't really be happy.
What is Joel Sartore's main advice for becoming a photographer?
Work hard.
Why is it more difficult to work as a photographer today?
Technology makes it very easy for anyone to take good pictures.
How do you get a job at National Geographic?
You need to give them something they don't already have. (A special talent)
What was Joel Sartore's first job?
His first job was for a newspaper