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Book 6 (Units 10-12)

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Say 3 things that can be a sore point
soccer, politics, religion
Say 3 things you are keen on
music, books, films
Say 3 people you have to obey
my mother, my father, the school principal
Say 3 heavily guarded places
banks, prisons, mansions
Say 3 different types of seats
couch, chair, bench
Say 3 things that stink
trash, fish, rotten food
Say 3 types of flowers
tulip, daisy, carnation
Say 3 things that give off a nice scent
flowers, chocolate, perfume
Say 3 parts of a head
cheek, forehead, chin
Say 3 flattering adjectives
generous, loyal, reliable
Say 3 things you are fond of
free answer
Say 3 types of doctors
psychiatrist, dermatologist, pediatrician
Say 3 famous statues
Christ The Redeemer, Statue of Liberty, Venus de Milo
Say 3 units to measure distance
kilometer, meter, mile...