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Future Continuous X Future Perfect

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Unfortunately, sea levels ______ still _____ (rise) in 20 years
will still be rising
In an hour, I _____ still _____ (iron) my clothes.
will still be ironing
We ____________ (do) everything by seven.
will have done
She _________ (finish) her exams by then, so we can go out for dinner.
will have finished
He _______ (meet) her parents at this time next week.
will be meeting
I ________ (not / finish) the report by the deadline.
won't have finished
At three o'clock tomorrow, I ______ (work) at the office.
will be working
If he continues drinking so fast, he ________ (drink) the whole bottle by midnight.
will have drunk
This time next week I ________ (drink) wine in Argentina.
will be drinking
P1: Can I come over in an hour? P2: No, I ________ (clean) the house.
will be cleaning
After we finish this video, I ________ (see) all of this director's movies. I am a big fan of his work.
will have seen
By the time we get there, the store ________ (close). Let's go there tomorrow.
will have closed