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Name 3 other kinds of bird.
Answers vary
Can you guess which country this flag is for?
What's putting out the fire?
A fire extinguisher.
What are they doing?
Throwing food, having a food fight
What did he do?
Cut some turkey and ate it.
What are you thankful for?
Answers vary
Name 2 other dishes eaten at Thanksgiving.
Answers vary
What's he doing?
He's trying to dunk the turkey.
What happened?
Someone ate all the turkey.
How is a turkey cooked?
A turkey is cooked in the oven, usually.
What's happening?
The turkey is eating pumpkin pie.
What's he wearing?
A turkey costume
What did he make?
Paper turkeys
That's not turkey! That's ....
A burger
What's odd about this turkey?
It's wearing pants.
How does she feel?
What's he doing?
He's blowing up turkey balloons.
How does the bird, Woodstock, feel?
Happy, excited
What happened!?
The turkey pushed the kid to the ground.
What happened to the turkey?
It got burned.
What's going on?
They're flying on the turkey.
How does it smell?
Not good
What's she doing?
What is this?