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Future Simple - going to

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- It's really cold in this room. - I ____________________(close) the window.
will close
Look! She ____________________(throw) the ball.
is going to throw
I _____________(not do) my homework at the weekend. I____________(go) to London.
am not going to do, am going to go
In the holidays my sister _______________ (drive) around Ireland with some friends.
is going to drive
It’s raining. I _______________ (drive) you to Jenny’s house if you like.
will drive
You’re wearing new shoes. You _______________ (have) terrible blisters tomorrow.
are going to have
I _______________ (not forget) your birthday again this year. I promise!
won't forget
You’ve been in the sun for hours. You _______________ (have) terrible sunburn.
are going to have
‘Tea or coffee?’ ‘I _______________ (have) coffee, please.’
will have
Mike thinks aliens _______________ (visit) our planet in the next fifty years.
will visit
She_______________ (visit) their aunt and uncle on Sunday.
is going to visit
Look! It _______________(rain).
is going to rain
We___________________(go) to the theatre tonight. We've got tickets.
are going to go
I think I _______________(take) guitar lessons one day.
will take
I promise I __________(tell) you tomorrow.
will tell
- There's someone at the door. - I____________(go).
will go