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Getting to know each other

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What's the weather like now?
It's _______________
Who's your best friend? Describe her or him.
My best friend is ________________.
What's your favourite book?
My favourite book is _____________________.
What's your favourite film?
My favourite film is ________________
What subject do you hate at school?
I hate _____________________
What is your favourite subject at school?
My favourite subject is ________________
What do you do in your free time?
I ___________________
What did you do yesterday?
I _______________________
What are you doing now?
I'm ___________
Tell me about your family?
I've got _______________
What do you do at the weekend?
I _______________
What time do you go to school?
I go to school at _________________
What did you do in the summer?
I ______________
What's your favourite food?
My favourite food is ______________--
What's your favourite animal?
My favourite animal is ____________-
What's your favourite colour?
My favourite colour is _____________