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Past Simple 'Be' Mixed Exercise

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(we / not / be / in China)
We weren't in China.
(they not / be / in love)
They weren't in love.
(you / not / be / early)
You weren't early.
(why / you / be / late)?
Why were you late?
(he / be / hungry)
He was hungry.
(she / not / be my wife at the time)
She wasn't my wife at the time.
(she / be / beautiful)?
Was she beautiful?
(it / not / be / cold)
It wasn't cold.
(what / his name / be)?
What was his name?
(you / be / in the garden)
You were in the garden.
(they / be / late for the interview)
They were late for the interview.
(how / the party / be)?
How was the party?
(we / be / too tired)
We were too tired.
(you / be / okay)?
Were you okay?
(where / we / be)?
Where were we?
(she / be / a teacher when she was young)
She was a teacher when she was young.
(I / be / late)?
Was I late?
(we / be / in a cafe when you called)?
Were we in a cafe when you called?
(the children / be / happy)?
Were the children happy?
(I / be / at the cinema last night)
I was at the cinema last night.