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Comparatives x Superlatives

Use commas to add multiple tags

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My grandfather is _________ (old) person in my family
the oldest
The whale is _________ (heavy) animal in the world
the heaviest
Paola Oliveira is ___________ (beautiful) actress in Brazil.
the most beautiful
Brazil is ________ (big) country in South America.
the biggest
He is _________ (intelligent) student in the group.
the most intelligent
The book is _________ (boring) the film.
more boring than
This exercise is _______ (easy) the other one.
easier than
The black dress is ________ (expensive) the blue one.
more expensive than
This TV show is __________ (interesting) on Netflix.
the most interesting
Yesterday was _________ (hot) day of the year.
the hottest
The T-shirt is _________ (cheap) the jacket.
cheaper than
Friends are __________ (important) money.
more important than
He is __________ (handsome) actor in the film.
the most handsome
My sister is __________ (old) me.
older than