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Henry and Mudge - Funny Lunch

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What is Mudge doing?
Wagging his tail.
What is dad's idea for next year?
A french fry cat
What does mom give dad?
A kiss.
hat did Henry say to mom?
"Happy Mother's day!"
What is this?
A kiwi dog
What is this?
A plum boy
What is this?
A peach mother.
What is this?
An apple father.
What did they use to make the sofa?
Marshmallow and pineapple.
What are the old ladies doing?
Rubbing his head.
What is the baby giving Mudge?
The baby is giving his sucker/lolly pop
What is he sniffing?
The fishy flakes
What is he sniffing?
Cocoa Chews
Does Mudge like grocery shopping?
Yes, because everyone loves him.
Who is the other man?
It is the grocery store owner, dad's cousin.
What is dad's idea?
A pineapple sofa.
Does dad want to make something to lie down on or stretch out on?
Stretch out on.
Does dad want to make something crunch or crunchy?
Does dad want to make something juicy or juice?
What is dad doing here?
Making a grocery list.
What are the children doing with Mudge?
Shaking his hand.
What did they make before?
A sweet potato shoe.
What did they make before?
A tomato snowman.
What did Henry remember?
It was Mother's Day.
Why does no-one want to touch the ball?
Mudge drools on it.
What game are they playing?
They are playing kickball.