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What do Meg, Tom and the people from the market do in the forest? What does the dragon do?
They give apples to the dragon. They play music. The dragon eats and dances.
Why does the dragon go to the market?
Because it likes music and apples. It's a good dragon.
Where does the dragon live?
It lives in a cave in the forest.
Who is the old woman?
She's Queen Dendra. She lives in the forest.
What do the kids do with the old woman?
They help. They give her bread and water.
Is the woman under the tree happy?
No, she's hungry and thirsty. She wants bread and water.
What's under a tree?
There's an old woman under the tree.
Describe the forest.
It's beautiful. It's got many trees, flowers and insects.
What do the kids after the dragon's visit?
They help and go to play in the forest
What happens after the dragon visits the market?
The fruits are on the ground. The table and the drum are broken.
What instruments can the boys play?
The boys can play the flute and the drum.
What can you buy in the market?
You can buy apples, lemons, bananas, shoes, shirts and jackets.
Where are Tom, Meg and their mother?
The kids are at the market.