Complete First for Schools

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  • Could you ______ ma a favour and let me copy your notes?
  • Phrasal verbs. Mario's thinking of _________ jogging, as he doesn't feel he's getting enough exercise.
    Taking up
  • Kate ______ (lose) weight recently because she ______ (get) more exercise.
    has lost, has been getting
  • Hugo is very ........... - he often helps his grandparents with the shopping.
  • What an ________ band! I never expected they'd be that good. AMAZE
  • None of the other sofas in the shop are as comfortable as this one. BY FAR. This sofa is ________ the others in the shop.
    by far more comfortable than
  • She looks more relaxed than she did before the exam. STRESSED. She doesn't look _________ she did before the exam.
    as stressed as
  • I'm celebrating because my team __________ (win) the league.
    has won
  • At last you ________ (arrive) - we _________ (expect) you for ages.
    have arrived, have been expecting
  • Marco has _________ a big effort with his students, so he's really proud of their results.
  • Phrasal Verbs. It's Toby's birthday next week. We need to ___________ some ideas for a present.
    come up with
  • A phrase. I don't like ______, so I'd never get a motorbike.
    taking risks
  • My mum's ________ and English course in the evening, and I sometimes help her with her homework
  • This motorbike is not as noisy as my previous one. MADE. My previous motorbike _______ this one
    made less noise than
  • No one in the team plays better than Gemma. PLAYER. Gemma _______ in the team.
    is the best player
  • They found the journey so _________ that they fell asleep as soon as they arrived. EXHAUST
  • We ________ a 10 km run at the weekend, to raise money for the local hospital
    took part in
  • Of course I'm annoyed. I _______ (spend) ages preparing for this party and no one ______(turn up) yet.
    have spent, has turned up
  • Tatiana doesn't speak nearly as clearly as Irina. MUCH. Irina speaks _________ Tatiana.
    much clearer than
  • Jake felt _______ that he wasn't picked to play in the match. DISAPPOINT
  • I wouldn't have critisised you if I'd known how ________ you were!
  • We were ________ by the way the other team shouted at us. ASTONISH
  • You can't expect children to work hard if they don't feel ______. MOTIVATE
  • My parents allow my brother to come home any time he likes because they know he is very ......
  • I must appologise to my sister. We _________ over something really small and had a massive argument.
    fell out
  • It's a ________ problem. i don't really know what to do. PUZZLE
  • Phrasal verbs. I thought learning Italian would be difficult, but when I moved to Bologna I soon _______ it ____.
    picked up
  • Sarah wasn't enjoying the party, so she _________ an excuce and left
  • Helen is very young, but she behaves in a __________ and responsible way.
  • Do you mind if I use your phone? I've got to _________ an urgent phone call.
  • Small towns are safer than large cities. NOT Small town ______ as large cities.
    are not as dangerous
  • I don't feel like doing much this weekend. I think I'll just ______ around the house.
    chill out
  • A phrase If you can't ________, no one will ever trust you.
    keep a promise
  • Phrasal verbs. I can see the family resemblance. You've got your father's eyes - you really ________ him.
    take after