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What is an Avatar?
It's a picture that represents the player in the game.
If you play video games together, you can compete or...
When playing a video game, you can play together or...
Which hobbies can become a job?
Photographer, writer, singer, musician, etc.
People that play instruments could be part of...
A musical group!
Which hobbies are good for rainy days?
Answers will vary.
Which hobbies are good to be in contact with nature?
Camping, hiking, going to the beach, etc.
What are some examples of outside hobbies?
Answers will vary.
Which hobbies involve music?
Playing instruments, singing, listening to music, etc.
Which interest is best for introverts?
Answers will vary.
Coins, fossils, rocks and cards are examples of ...
A collection hobby!
What is a very popular hobby?
Answers will vary.
What do athletic people do?
They play sports.
What do creative people do?
They paint, take phots, draw, etc.