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U2 Complete First unit 2

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  • My brother isn't as tall as me.(slightly) My brother is __________________me
    slightly shorter than
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  • Pedro didn't use to be so thin. (than) Pedro is _____________be.
    thinner than he used to
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  • this exercise is much easier than the last one. (nearly) This exercise is_______________the last one.
    not nearly as difficult as
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  • My house is as big as yours. ( same) My house________________ yours.
    is the same size as
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  • Jamie's mobile is very similar to mine. (lot) There is not ___________________Jamie's mobile phone and mine
    a lot of difference between
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  • there are more boys than girls in our class. (as) There are __________________as boys in our class.
    not as many girls
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  • I've never known anyone as clever as Hilary. ( the) Hilary is ____________________ever known.
    the cleverest person I have
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  • the film wasn¡t nearly as good as I thought it would be. (far) The film _______________________I thought it would be.
    was far worse than
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  • I've never had such a boring holiday. (enjoyable) This is ___________________I've ever had.
    the least enjoyable holiday
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  • There are fewer teachers in my school than there were last year. (not) There ________________teachers in my school as there were last year. _
    are not as many
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  • Lucy is as tall as her mother. (height) Lucy ______________her mother.
    is the same height as
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  • Kate has slightly more experience than the others. (quite) The others don't have ____________Kate.
    quite as much experience as
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