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The Bridge 1 Monthly Test 7-12

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    Review game for the PAMUS Bridge 1 Monthly Test: Units 7-12
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  • The Hummingbird is small and light, so some people ___________ it for a big insect.
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  • Which is the correct form for the word 'shape'? 'It takes care of the eggs in a cup-shape nest.
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  • True or False: The bee hummingbird weighs about 9 grams.
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  • True or False: African Penguins generally live for 10-15 years.
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  • Fill in the blank: The husband and wife take _____________ taking care of the eggs.
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  • What is NOT true?
    Cold water is better than warm water when washing your hands.
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  • Fill in the blank: We can see this tree not only in the book, ______________ in the real world.
    but also
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  • Choose the best place for the given sentence: Its bark is used for making cloth or rope
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  • Which can be replaced with the underlined word, gift? 'They usually bring sweets as a gift.'
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  • Translate to English: 믹서기 안에 얼린 베리와 플레인 요구르트를 함께 넣으세요.
    Put frozen berries and plain yogurt together in a blender.
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  • Translate to English: 다른 사람들과 비누를 함께 쓰는 것은 좋은 생각이 아닙니다.
    Sharing soap with others is not a good idea.
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  • Translate to English: 여러분은 펭귄에 대해 생각할 때, 무엇이 떠오릅니까?
    When you think about penguins, what comes to mind?
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  • Listening: Track 1: What don't they need for setting the table?
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  • Translate to English: 내 눈은 햇빛에 정말 민감해
    My eyes are really sensitive to sunlight.
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  • Translate to English: 중국 사람들은 음력 새해 첫날을 기념합니다.
    Chinese people celebrate the lunar New Year's day.
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  • Listening: Track 3: Why doesn't the girl like sweet drinks?
    They make her feel sick.
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  • According to the dialog, which is true?
    She wants to be the next great singer.
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  • Listening: Track 7: Why does the boy like red color?
    It looks nice with his skin and hair color.
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  • Listening: Track 6: According to the talk, which is true about the "Speak Up Kids"?
    They are known for their exciting shows.
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  • Listening: Track 8: What is difficult for color-blind people?
    They can't tell the difference between certain colors.
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  • Listening: Track 12: What is the best way for preventing flu?
    Washing your hands
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  • Fill in the blanks: Do you want me to bring all of it at ____________?
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  • Fill in the blank: Too much sunlight can have a bad ____________on both your skin and your eyes.
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  • Unscramble the words: protect / they/ our / UV light/ from / eyes
    They protect our eyes from UV light.
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  • Spell 호주 in English
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