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Bridge 1 Test Review

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    Test Review for Units 3-6 for The Class Bridge 1
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  • Fill in the blank: Our lives are much easier with on-line systems. _________________, there is something we need to be careful about.
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  • Correct the word in brackets: Snails are (get) popular as pets.
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  • Which word has the closest meaning to 'private'. e.x. "It is our private information."
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  • Fill in the blank: It lived in a zoo in India. It died in 2006 and the _______ of 255.
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  • What word has the closest meaning to 'plate': e.g. "These snacks are on three layers of plates."
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  • Fill in the blank: How much we sleep matters, but how well we sleep is more important. ___________, what can you do to sleep well?
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  • Correct the word 'serve': She had her servant serve her some tea with bread and cookies.
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  • Fill in the blank: Bad breath is so troubling _______________ people try hard to remove it.
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  • Which has the opposite meaning to the word, 'cause'? e.g. "In most cases, bad teeth or gums cause bad breath."
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  • Translate to English: 애프터눈 티는 이제 모든 사람들에게 친숙합니다.
    Afternoon tea is familiar to everyone now.
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  • Translate to English: 난 네가 취미를 찾아야 할 때라는 생각이 드는구나.
    I think it's time for you to find a hobby.
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  • Translate to English: 의사들은 양치질을 잘하라고 권합니다.
    Doctors recommend brushing your teeth well.
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  • Listening Question: Why does the girl like comedies?
    They make her laugh a lot.
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  • Listening Question: Which is NOT true about warming up?
    You should warm up for at least 30 minutes.
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  • Listening Question: According to the question, which is NOT true?
    School lunch isn't tasty today.
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  • Fill in the blank: Bad breath is so _______________ that people try hard to remove it.
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  • What has the closest meaning to the word, 'remove'? e.g. People try hard to remove bad breath.
    get rid of
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  • True or False: Bad teeth is one of the reasons for bad breath.
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  • Correct the word, begin: e.g. tea. This custom (begin) in the 1840s in England.
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  • True or False: It was not popular among the upper class.
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  • Translate to English: 그들은 양치질을 하거나 껌을 씹습니다.
    They brush their teeth or chew gum.
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  • Translate to English: 우리는 온라인으로 우리의 친구들과 이야기를 합니다.
    We talk with our friends on-line.
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  • Listening Question: What is true?
    Dr. James Turger has an evil plan.
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  • Listening Question: What is something that people can't enjoy at Play Land?
    various games
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  • What isn't included in tonight's schedule of the boy?
    Checking his baseball equipment
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