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  • Homophones
    Students must give the correct form of these sound-alike words, eg sun/son
  • MrsO
  • Irregular Plurals
    Say / Write the correct plural form of the words shown
  • Prehistoric Times Vocabulary
    Prehistoric vocabulary
  • Eneya
  • Days & Months
    Guess the word from the scrambled letters
  • Barnaux
  • Parts of Speech
    Identify & produce nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, articles, prepositions, conjunctions & interjections. A solid common core grammar activity.
  • Winnie
  • Weather Challenge
    Can you name the weather pictured?
  • tsole
  • Passive Voice
    Passive Voice review for Intermediate students.
  • Ann
  • Harry Potter Trivia
    Trivia questions about the Harry Potter books.
  • Simple Past or Past Continuous?
    Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs provided - elementary / intermediate
  • hakan
  • Rooms & furniture
    Revision of vocabulary of rooms and furniture
  • poloks
  • Musical Instruments
    From accordions to xylophones, see how many musical instruments can your students name.
  • Baamboozle
  • Beginner Irregular Verbs
    Change this set of irregular English verbs to the Past Simple.
  • mr_ben
  • Transportation
    Intermediate transport questions for IELTS1
  • Teacher Chris
  • The Verb "To Be"
    Twenty questions for practicing the use of the verb "To Be" in the Present and Past Simple Tenses. am / is / are / was / were
  • Siret Vool
  • Preposition Practice
    Practice prepositions for elementary students
  • Nialljcr
  • My Family
    A quiz to practice family vocabulary
  • Nialljcr
  • Weather Words
    Help your students learn about many different types of weather. Perfect for a young elementary classroom. This is a game that never goes out of season!
  • Baamboozle
  • What time is it?
    Telling the time for very young English learners
  • Hebbz
  • English Tenses
    English Tenses - Complex test (Simple Present, Present Progressive, Present Perfect, Simple Past, Past Progressive)
  • Siret Vool
  • Simple Prepositions
    Say the correct prepositions for the images shown (through, across, over, into)
  • Elena
  • Simple Adjectives
    Choose the correct adjective (young learners)
  • selena
  • What can they do?
    Action verbs for young learners.
  • Nipitiri
  • Basic Colours
    A little quiz to review colours with my grade 1 students
  • Ms Barker
  • What do I need for art class?
    A game to learn vocabulary for art class.
  • Nialljcr
  • Classroom items
    A selection of vocabulary relating to common classroom items.
  • Nialljcr
  • Kids Colors
    A simple game for teaching colors.
  • selena
  • Future Time Clauses
    Review of future time clauses
  • More Prepositions
    Preposition of place and time (in, at, on).
  • hakan
  • World Religions
    World History I SOL Review Religions: Judaism Christianity Islam Hinduism Buddhism.
  • Furniture & Room Activities
    Furniture and activities done in different rooms
  • Nialljcr