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Work Idioms

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  • Through thick and thin
    In good and bad times.
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  • To cost an arma and a leg
    To be very expensive.
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  • To splash out
    To spend a lot of money, especially on things you don't need.
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  • To make a killing
    To make a lot of money.
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  • To earn chicken feed
    To earn a very small amount of money.
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  • To make a living
    To earn enough money to buy the things that you need.
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  • To do the donkey work
    To do the hard or boring work.
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  • To give someone green light
    To give permission for something to happen.
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  • To work banker's hours
    To have a short working day.
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  • To cut corners
    To do something in the easiest, cheapest, or fastest way.
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  • To have a finger in every pie
    To be involved in and have influence over many different activities, often in a way that people do not approve of.
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  • To be in the black
    To be earning more money than you spend.
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  • To be in the red
    To be spending more money than you earn.
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  • To work to rule
    A form of protest in which employees do exactly what is stated in their contracts, and nothing more, in order to slow down production.
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  • To be a workhorse
    A person who does a lot of work, especially of a type that is necessary but not interesting.
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  • To beaver away at something
    To work hard for a long time.
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  • To make ends meet
    To have just enough money to pay for the things that you need
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  • To get something off the ground
    To make something successful.
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  • To keep one's nose to the grindstone
    To do hard, continuous work .
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  • To call the shots
    To make the important decisions.
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  • To keep one's mind on the job
    To continue thinking about, concentrate on, or remain focused on something.
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