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Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of the Baskerville ...

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    General questions about the story from Oxford Bookworms Reader
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  • What was Sir Hugo killed by?
    a hound
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  • How did Sir Charles feel just before he died?
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  • What was taken from Sir Henry's hotel room?
    one of his shoes
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  • What was Barrymore holding in the window?
    a light
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  • Where does Holmes hide when he stays on the moor?
    an old hut
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  • Why did Seldon die?
    because he was wearing Sir Henry's clothes
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  • What did Stapleton put on the hound?
    special paint
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  • What did Holmes do to the hound before it killed Sir Henry?
    He shot it
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  • Why did Stapleton want to kill Sir Charles and Sir Henry?
    So he could inherit Baskerville Hall
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  • How did Stapleton die?
    He sank in the marsh
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  • In what year was Sir Hugo the head of the Baskerville family?
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  • What kind of trees lined the Alley at Baskerville Hall?
    yew trees
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  • Who was Roger Baskerville?
    Stapleton's father and Sir Charles' brother
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  • Why did Laura Lyons ask Sir Charles to help her?
    to help her get a divorce from her husband
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