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  • What does the Greek Roots phys means
    nature body
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  • What does the Greek Roots dec means
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  • "In a nutshell, a visit to the dentist was about the worst thing i could ever imagine happening to a kid in this town". What is the meaning of the expression "In a nutshell"?
    summarise, in the fewest words.
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  • What is the meaning the expression 'out of the blue'?
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  • Explain how you know that these two expressions are examples of idioms.
    Because they are expressions that have meanings different from the words used. ​
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  • What is the difference between the connotation and denotation of a word?
    Connotation is the ​idea or feeling a word gives you. Denotation is the literal meaning.
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  • What is the detonation of the word "immense"?
    Denotation immense: massive.​
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  • What is the connotation of the word "immense" in this context
    Connotation of immense pain: unbearable, overwhelming pain.​
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