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Clue Detective

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    Guess the word/phrase from a description
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  • It has 4 wheels, uses petrol, and has a steering wheel. What is it?
    It is a car.
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  • We drink it, we wash our hands with it and it helps plants grow. What is it?
    It is water.
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  • They help us go from one place to another, and we put socks on them. What are they?
    They are our feet.
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  • It keeps us warm when we go outside in the winter, some of them have buttons and others have a zip. What is it?
    A coat or a jacket.
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  • We use it when we eat spaghetti or meat, but we don't use it when we eat soup. What is it?
    It is a fork.
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  • It has leaves, it grows in the ground and some give us fruit. What is it?
    It is a tree.
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  • Some of these are for bouncing, some are for throwing and some are for kicking. They are used in a lot of sports. What are they?
    They are balls.
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  • I turn on the water, I get a towel and check to make sure there is shampoo. What am I about to do?
    I am going to have a bath or shower.
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  • My alarm goes off, I put on my uniform, eat breakfast, and brush my teeth.. Where am I going?
    I am going to school.
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  • I am mixing flour, sugar, eggs and chocolate chips in a bowl. Next I will put this in a tin in the oven.  What am I doing?
    I am baking a cake.
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  • My mum paid the lady some money, and the lady gave us each a ticket. The rest of the morning we saw elephants, lions, monkeys, giraffes and wolves. The animals were eating, sleeping and playing. Where am I?
    I am at the zoo.
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  • I am in the water. I am floating and moving my arms and legs. What am I doing?
    I am swimming.
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  • They are black, and made of rubber. Cars have 4 of them.  Bikes have two of themWhat are they?
    They are tyres.
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