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Which future??

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    Future forms - going to/present continuous/present simple
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  • A: Do you want to come round to my house this evening? B: Sorry, I can’t. I'm going/going to go to the cinema with my family.
    I'm going
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  • A: Do you have any plans for the summer holidays? B: Yes. I'm asking/going to ask my uncle if I can work in his café. I need some money!
    going to ask
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  • A: What time is the film starting/does the film start tonight? B: At 7.30. Don’t be late!
    does the film start
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  • A: What’s that? B: It’s a form for a drama competition. I think I'm entering/going to enter it.
    going to enter
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  • A: Are you coming/do you come to Jan’s party at the weekend? B: Yes, of course!
    are you coming
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  • A: Where are you going? B: To the library, but I need to hurry. It closes/it's going to close at 3.30!
    it closes
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