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passive voice with present and past continious

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    it is a game about passive voice
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  • He was cooking meal
    The meal was being coked by him
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  • She is closing the door now
    The door is being closed by her
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  • Were you playing basketball?
    Was basketball being played by you?
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  • He is watching TV
    TV is being wathced by him
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  • The coach is congratulating the team at the moment.
    The team is being congratulated by the coach.
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  • Are they opening the gifts now?
    Are the gifts being opened by them ?
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  • Harry Potter is measuring the room.
    The room is being measured by Harry Potter.
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  • They were watching the movie.
    The movie was being watched by them.
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  • We are not using cheats.
    Cheats are not being used.
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  • We are discussing the new contract.
    The new contract is being discussed.
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  • He is breaking the rules now.
    The rules are being broken now.
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  • They are watching a cartoon
    A cartoon is being watched by them
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