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Slithering Snakes
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    A review from our time with Ranger Rick!

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    Lindsay Wiggins
  • Why do snakes shed their skin?
    So they can grow larger or get rid of parasites.

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  • How can you tell if a snake is about to shed?
    Their skin gets grey and their eyes are milky.

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  • What animals may want to eat a snake?
    Eagles, Hawks, Crocodile, Bears, Opossums, Badgers, Big cats, Coyotes

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  • Snakes kill animals in two different ways. What are they?
    By constricting or using venom

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  • How does constricting work?
    They squeeze prey until they can't breathe anymore.

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  • Snakes can eat prey that's MUCH bigger than their mouth. What is special about their jaw to help them dow that?
    They can separate their jaw into 2 pieces.

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  • What did Ranger Rick name his snake?
    Cleo, short for "Cleopatra"

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  • Are snakes slimy?

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  • The Titanoboa is the longest living snake in the world?
    False! It's an ancient snake that isn't alive anymore.

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  • The ancient Titanoboa snake is about the size of what?
    A school bus.

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  • How long can a snake go without eating food?
    3-5 months

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  • What is a benefit of being cold blooded?
    They don't have to eat as often.

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  • True or False...Some snakes are poisonous.
    False! No snakes are poisonous. They are venomous.

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  • Do Texas snakes chase people?
    No. If they seem like they are chasing you, they're usually going to their home or quickly getting away from you.

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  • Snakes live in most places. There is one type of habitat that they can't live in. What is that?
    Arctic areas. It's too cold for them!

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  • What kind of food do the Green Anacondas eat?
    Deer, pigs, alligators

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  • What kind of food does a thread snake eat?
    Small insects like ants.

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  • Pit viper snakes are special from other snakes. Why?
    They can "see" heat to help them get their prey.

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  • What is the Jacobson's Organ?
    It's a special organ that helps them smell the particles in the air.

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  • Which of the 5 senses are snakes not great at?
    Seeing! They only see in black and white and it's blurry.

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