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Halloween Idioms

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    Learn some spine tingling idioms about the spookiest time of the year.
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  • To dig one's grave
    To be responsible for one's downfall or ruin. It's a way of expressing that you've made a big mistake.
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  • Stabbed in the back.
    To be betrayed by a friend or colleague.
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  • Over my dead body.
    To refuse to do something.
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  • Not a cat in hell's chance.
    There's no chance at all.
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  • To be scared stiff.
    To get so scared you're not able to move.
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  • To make someone's blood boil.
    To make someone very angry.
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  • To scare the pants off someone
    To frighten someone a lot.
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  • Scaredy cat.
    Someone who is easily frightened.
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  • Wouldn't say boo to a goose.
    A shy or nervous person.
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  • Night owl.
    A person who tends to stay up late.
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  • To spill your guts.
    To confess everything.
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