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Reported Speech (Questions) 2.0

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    Reported Speech
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  • "What time does the class start?" he asked
    He asked what time the class started.
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  • "Who is she?" they asked.
    They asked who she was.
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  • "Where is the key?" he asked.
    He asked where the key was.
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  • "What are you doing?" he asked.
    He asked what I was doing.
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  • "Do you know who I am?" he asked
    He asked if I knew who he was.
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  • "How did you get here?" she asked
    She asked how I had got there.
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  • "Have they been to Italy before?" he asked
    He asked if they had been to Italy before.
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  • "Will you be at the party tonight?" she asked
    She asked if I would be at the party that night.
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  • "How can they be so cruel?" he asked
    He asked how they could be so cruel.
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  • "Did you like it?" he asked
    He asked me if I had liked it.
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