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    Making predictions
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  • You turn off the water in the shower. What will you do next?
    dry off
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  • Someone left the ice-cream carton on the bench all night. What happened to it?
    It melted.
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  • The clothes in the dryer are dry. What will you do with them?
    Fold them/put them away
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  • You close the bathtub drain and start the water. Then your phone rings and you talk to your friend for 15mins. What will happen in the bathroom?
    tub will overflow/water on the floor
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  • You walk on a wet footpath. Then you walk into school. What will happen to the school floor?
    Your footprints will appear on the floor.
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  • Your Mum bought a bouquet of helium filled balloons and one slipped out of her hand while she was unlocking the front door.. What will happen to the balloon?
    It will float up into the sky.
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  • You poured water into a paper bag. What happened next?
    The water dripped through/The bag broke
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  • You walked barefoot on a rocky path. What happened to your feet?
    They got scrapes on them/ They hurt.
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  • Someone left a window open all day in the winter. What's happened to the room temperature?
    It's gotten cold.
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  • A stray cat came up to Kim's house. Kim caught it by the tail. What happened next?
    The cat hissed/scratched her.
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