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The War Robots Challenge ( 70% FAIL )

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    Try to Answer the following question! If you get max point, i'll give you a Cooke :))
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  • What is the Ultimate Healer in War Robots? Feature:2 med,2 light slot
    Its The TYR!!
  •  20
  • What is The name of the next coming Titan?
    The Luchador!
  •  15
  • What is the new Tanker? ( normal bots )
    The Revenant!
  •  20
  • What is the best Way to Farm AG?
    Play Free-For-All matches! You can get up to 700K for each 1st!
  •  20
  • Whats the name of this old robot?
    Its the BOA! a real brawler! Although it had been HEAVILY NERFED
  •  20
  • What is the fastest way for Money-free people to get good weapons and Robots?
    Join some giveaways! Go! Go!
  •  15
  • What is the best way to farm AU in WR?
    Watch Ads
  •  15
  • Did you finished all the question? If not then Keep playing, If you've finished it, Tell me whats your Final Point!
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  • What is the only T4 Drone that you can buy in the Store?
    The Glider!
  •  20
  • Whats the Pilot with the best skill in WR?
    Svyatogor Belov!! He can Skip Shield when Fafnir activate the abillitiy!
  •  25